Monday, 24 August 2015

Firdaus Weds Tanweer - Mint & Peach Wedding

This wedding was an absolute pleasure to plan, from start to finish. My partner and I loved every single bit of it. I must thank Firdaus and her wonderful family for being such wonderful clients throughout the whole wedding process.
Since the first day we met Firdaus we had a immediate connection with her. She was extremely fun and exciting to work with.

The colour scheme was gold, mint and peach. These colours complimented the weather during the winter season and was so beautiful with the surroundings of the hall.
The wedding took place in Du Boirs Hillcrest.

We love working in this venue due to the hall being so abstract and beautiful in its own way.

Take a look below for more details.

Floral design - Christabellas 
makeup and hair - Rayella makeup 
Photography - Elana Schilz

New York City Nights - Party in the Box

Theres many times clients life far and cant really do a function on their own, also alot of the time they prefer getting the items and putting it together themselves. 

This is where we step in and allow for our service to go the extra mile. Here at laBela Events we offer party in the boxes on request. This service can be for anything, Party, bridal shower, baby shower you name it. All items in the boxes are specifically designed according to your needs. 

This was one of our favourite partys ever planned. New York City Nights. For all the finer details of what was in the box take a look below.

Army Themed birthday party

This was a one of a kind party that we had the opportunity to design. It was a full A-Z planning process from location to props, games and garments.

This party took place on a truck yard with large trucks everywhere and sand grounds perfectly fit for the theme of the party. We managed to hire a large army truck prop for the party which was the show stopper for sure. The kids all had their army gear on and were ready for the day. 

Take a look for more finer details...