Sunday, 24 August 2014

Zaria Dolly Turns One

Its a tea party for dolly mummy and me. 
This was a sweet little party held at Marula sushi restaurant in Westville. Zaria’s mum was very excited to throw her dolly her first party. It wasn’t just a ordinary tea party Zaria’s mum made sure everything stayed in theme and i must say she did a good job. From the dress shaped pies to the teabag shaped favours it was a spectacular day. I hope Zaria dolly enjoyed her special day

Until our next tea time - Zaria Dolly

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Step Right Up, Its A Carnival Party!

Yusuf and Abdullah's carnival birthday was a wonderful affair. From the start of the planning process to the tiny details at the end , it was a wonderful experience. Nasira and Tasmia, the mothers of the two boys were a absolute pleasure to work with. The sisters decided to have a two in one birthday bash for their little boys and it worked out spectacular. The candy table to the location came together with the theme. Praying the weather held back we made sure everything was intact. 

Carnival birthdays are the best of party's to plan with the various colour schemes to the unlimited amount of candy to choose from this was a carnival not to be missed!

We hope the lovely boys enjoyed their special day :)