Wednesday, 24 December 2014

A Starry night Wedding

This was a breathtaking wedding, From the centrepieces to the finer details on the napkins this was a wedding of the century. We love assisting Christabella Floral and design on her functions and this one I must say was beyond compare. LaBela Events assisted with the floral arrangements as well as stationery and setting up the hall itself. Hats off to you Christy for a wonderful wedding you should be nothing but proud to be the mind behind this masterpiece.

This event took place at the Durban Exhibition Centre in Durban. All design credit goes to Christabella.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Aqua and Gold Walima

This was a simple yet elegant Walima that was held for a family friend of ours. This event was held at the Soofie Hall on 45th Cutting Sherwood. The colour scheme was Aqua and Gold, And i must admit it turned out much better than we expected.

We were super excited to have done our first official wedding event and we would like to thank Christabella floral design for assisting us with the flowers and decor pieces.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Garden Baby Shower

This was a cute little surprise baby shower held for our own sister at LaBela events. Not knowing what baby it is we decided to go for a all natural garden themed shower staying in the creams and lemon colour schemes. All things outdoor woody and garden inspired us to get creative with wooden boxes, bird cages and bright flowers. we set up many games from painting baby clothes to guessing the date of birth we had a blast. Praying the weather held back for a couple hours we were able to set up outside and enjoy the lovely afternoon with tea and friends. Feel free to have a look at how it all went. 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Country Inspired Wedding

This was one simple and perfect little wedding held at Boulevard 44 in Ballito. Myself and my labela partner were called to assist in the pre preparations and setup decor and floral pieces. I must say setting up a wedding can be a handfull but once it all comes together, you can feel nothing but happiness that you a part of two lovers special day. This was a rather unique wedding and just before ceremony the sun came out and the outdoor area was quickly set up , from floating flowers to the hanging flower circles it was breathtaking. We loved every moment of this day and would love to be apart of everyone's special day.  Thanks to our mentor Christy for giving us the opportunity to work with her on jobs and wishing us well for the future of our company. 

Credits to Cristabellas for the decor ideas and floral arrangements.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Zaria Dolly Turns One

Its a tea party for dolly mummy and me. 
This was a sweet little party held at Marula sushi restaurant in Westville. Zaria’s mum was very excited to throw her dolly her first party. It wasn’t just a ordinary tea party Zaria’s mum made sure everything stayed in theme and i must say she did a good job. From the dress shaped pies to the teabag shaped favours it was a spectacular day. I hope Zaria dolly enjoyed her special day

Until our next tea time - Zaria Dolly

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Step Right Up, Its A Carnival Party!

Yusuf and Abdullah's carnival birthday was a wonderful affair. From the start of the planning process to the tiny details at the end , it was a wonderful experience. Nasira and Tasmia, the mothers of the two boys were a absolute pleasure to work with. The sisters decided to have a two in one birthday bash for their little boys and it worked out spectacular. The candy table to the location came together with the theme. Praying the weather held back we made sure everything was intact. 

Carnival birthdays are the best of party's to plan with the various colour schemes to the unlimited amount of candy to choose from this was a carnival not to be missed!

We hope the lovely boys enjoyed their special day :) 

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Rene's Baby Shower

I must say this was one of many events to come for my very close friend Elana Schilz. Without her help and continuous support our company wouldn't be this good. I must say I was so excited when I got a call from her to meet! Anything to do with Elana means excitement. I was more than happy to help her plan this surprise shower for her stunning sister. It wasn't a typical themed shower but it was all things wonderful and blue. From dipped doilies to painted blue hearts we left nothing incomplete. I was more than excited to meet her wonderful family and be a part of this special celebration. We just happy Rene enjoyed this wonderful day and enjoys her bundle of joy soon to arrive . Photo credit goes to Pablo Ponzone and Elana Schilz

Photography by Pablo Ponzone &

Monday, 26 May 2014

Hand Crafted and Unique

This was one of those days when you have to think out of the box and be extremely unique. We had a lovely day putting together various decor stationary and getting our creative juices flowing for events ahead. From lace to buttons and sewing kits we definitely find this more of a hobby then a job. We believe in every function be it a party, wedding or graduation the stationary can make the event. We design place cards, invitations, gift boxes, menu cards, tables numbers, agenda cards and favours. There's not many pictures to view but rather the detail of each item is unique from the rest. Like we say "It's the finer details that matter". 

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Two in one birthday bash

This was a small birthday party held for two precious girls both turning 19yrs old. It was held at "I want my coffee" in umhlanga and was a stunning location overlooking Chris saunders park. We had a black and white printed paper runner across this white wooden table with hand crafted vases with red roses and to top it of the red velvet cake as a centerpiece. Every guest got a set of handcrafted cutlery and on every alternate chair was a helium balloon that gave that extra lift to the table. I utterly enjoy doing these small and sweet functions and would love to do many in the future. 

Mothers day fever

It's always a pleasure to have a little set up for Mother's Day, It creates a vibrant atmosphere and people enjoy it. This event took place at Chippewa spur and its often difficult to decorate a themed venue but we were up for the challenge. It was by far our best at labela we handcrafted each table vase and we got creative with the front table with flowers and goodies.The balloons and lanterns hung around the entire shop just giving it that extra something. It was a wonderful day with many give aways, we had cupcakes, cookies and massages by fleur de lis spa for the mothers.We wish to create a loving atmosphere every Mother's Day. Have a look at the pictures below

18 birthday celebration

This was done by our la bela partner for one of our other partners. It was a small party held at Naughty Nintys on windermear road. The location itself is beautiful, very vintage and antique. We lifted it up with couple of lanterns of different heights and sizes, Made a runner out of doilys and had chevron straws in small bottles with mint and cherry to give it some excitement. We had a gift table for all the gifts and a birthday cake and beautiful cupcakes. We created bunting out of tissue paper and draped printed material as a divider for privacy, it was a small and cute party and was very appreciated by our partner. Theres not many pictures but these were the few we captured.

Monday, 5 May 2014

A small house supper

I look forward to events like these, especially when family friends get to see our work in smallest of ways. This was a small gathering we hosted at our home, couple of special guests came home for supper and tea, we kept the decor minimum nothing to fancy but it did impress the guests. During these events kids generally get bored so i thought why not create a kids corner which did not look much like a corner when the event came to a end but it did come in handy. I love small functions like these because it makes my life much easier, in the comfort of my home things surprisingly get done quicker. My favourite part about this gathering was the tea table outside the women sat around the pool area the kids ran around outside it was the highlight of the event. Unfortunately the pictures didnt do justice for the event, but take a good look at it.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Carnival themed 1st Birthday party

This was by far the best function hosted by La Bela, the greatest part about this event was that it was hosted at no better place then Chippewa spur and the d├ęcor blended in perfectly with the restaurant colours. From the carnival themed cake to the colour coated popcorn it was a great event. Have a look at the pictures below I'm sure they'll speak for themselves....

Vintage high tea

This was held at st James on Venice for our very own La Bela partner. The flower arrangement was the highlight of the table and brought in that extra touch. Each guest received either a vintage styled hat or fan as an accessory to wear throughout the tea and everyone was told to dress vintage to stay in the theme. Each guest went home with a parcel of macaroons that tasted Devine! And the best part was the cupcakes absolutely mouthwatering...

Enjoy the pictures

50th surprise braai birthday

This was a small event held at a home premises in Westville. Normally people host large parties for 50th birthdays because of it being a milestone but this was different and was kept nice and simple. What's better then hosting a Braai for a man reaching the age of 50? We ended up filled the place up with helium balloons, lanterns hung from the Ceiling above the food table and the men were outside getting the braai going. There was various salads to accompany the braai meat and a small sweet table for the kids. The birthday sign was handmade and looked just perfect for this event, there aren't many pictures to show but feel free to scroll down and see how it went.......